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Wounded Warrior - New Orleans 2013

Kristen got ready for the wedding at the Roosevelt HoteTrent Spann, Laura Rockett and I had the privilege to be able to film "A Wounded Warrior Weekend in New Orleans" for the Blackhawk Flight Foundation, Inc. To identify & secure funding for scholarships, to assist children of American Military or Law Enforcement personnel who have been killed or disabled in the line of duty, obtain a degree, & a professional career, in the aviation / aeronautical sciences industry.  
HOW By promoting positive role models, present & historical, who have utilized American Aviation & the opportunities afforded them by this country, to live the American Dream. By providing examples of what young Americans can accomplish when they direct their talents, intelligence, & perseverance @ a positive goal, regardless of their social or financial circumstances.  
DUTY TO COUNTRY NEVER ENDS... The uniform may change, but the mission never will. A strong America is in everyone's best interest. By building upon the strength of our Forefathers, we pass the torch to those young Americans who will protect our future. Help us to help them, by providing the education, guidance, & motivation needed to complete their mission, as generations of Americans have done before them.l in New Orleans. She met Frank at St. Joachim Church for their wedding. Their Reception was held at the Champagne Palace. Photo 225 captured the wedding day for them.
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